40 years of prophecy, protest and pride

Christian Voices Coming Out is a heritage project which is capturing the stories of pioneering LGBT Christian activists, advocates and allies.  For over 40 years, these individuals have worked for the acceptance, affirmation and welcome of gay and lesbian people, have challenged the churches when they have diminished and dismissed our lives, loves and identities, and borne witness to a Christian faith build on principles of justice, compassion and love.

Volunteers have been working to record interviews with around 30 people, from across the UK, from different church backgrounds, each with a unique story to tell.  Some will be well known as leaders and activists, others have worked tirelessly in communities, often unrecognised until now.

Alongside their stories is the story of OneBodyOneFaith (formerly the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement), founded in 1976, and told thorough its archive material.