Cecilia Eggleston

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Cecilia Eggleston was brought up in Sheffield as a Roman Catholic, and after university trained and worked as a teacher. She became involved with the Metropolitan Community Church and has worked with MCC in both London and Africa. She’s currently pastor of Northern Lights MCC in Newcastle, where she and the congregation play a central role within the LGBT community and have a particular ministry arising out of their involvement with the annual Pride festival.

“So many people have to hide some of themselves. So they make the choice to be out as gay, or out as Christian, but somehow or other can’t make those two meet. I’ve been tremendously privileged to serve in a denomination that absolutely encourages me fully as a woman, as a lesbian, as a lay person, as a clergy person. That’s been extraordinary.

For me, my faith is about changing the world and making it a better place and bringing a little bit of heaven on earth. I have also become more comfortable with apologising for what the church has done to our people, because that’s a really important thing for people to hear and for people to hear it from someone wearing a collar. Because to them, it doesn’t really matter where in the spectrum of ‘the church’ I sit, you know. If someone has been hurt by ‘the church’, I’m part of it. So to be able to say yes, the church did you wrong and I am sorry and I will do what I can to show you that that’s not what God wants for you.”

You can hear Cecilia’s story here.