Jim Cotter

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Jim Cotter was an Anglican priest and one of LGCM’s first members; he described himself as a ‘pilgrim soul’ and ‘wordsmith’, often precariously on the edge of institutions, but with much support and friendship from within. He wrote extensively on prayer, sexuality, HIV and healing, mental health, hospitality and pilgrimage. He returned to parish ministry as parish priest of Aberdaron, RS Thomas’ former parish on the edge of the Lleyn peninsular. He died in April 2014.

That’s when GCM started in April 1976. I think probably human beings, including myself, hurt and were hurt more than they would like to admit, but at the same time recognising that we were stumbling towards something, we weren’t quite sure what we were stumbling towards. I don’t think anybody would even have dreamt of thinking of a phrase like Gay Marriage at that time.

There was a religious television series called Everyman in those days, and Peter France wanted to do a programme on the issue. I was asked to appear on it, which I did, which was more of a changed moment in my life than I probably realised at the time, because it wasn’t the most prudent career move in the Church of England in the mid 70s – it still wouldn’t be forty years on, unfortunately. But … so… that .. that was a big moment of change for me.

You can hear Jim’s story here.