Savi Hensman

Savi Hensman was born in Sri Lanka and moved to London, where she still lives, at the age of 2. She came out whilst at university and joined GCM, as it then was, in 1982. She has written regularly for its magazine, whilst her professional career has been in the voluntary sector in equalities and social justice. She writes for Ekklesia, who have recent published her book, Sexuality, Struggle and Saintliness. She has been a Trustee of LGCM for a number of year and is currently Chair.

“I was elected onto the board of LGCM I think in the early 2000s and one of the things I’ve tried to encourage or certainly that I believe maybe has been an impetus for my actions, is that we are the church as well.

It’s getting people out of that headset that the church is appalling, why should we stay in the church.   I mean, I understand that feeling sometimes, when people are really badly treated.   You know, in particular congregations, or by a particular leader, and they may just feel they need to get out for safety’s sake. But we are the church as well, we are as much part of the church as those who would exclude us and I think it’s important for us to claim our heritage, to claim our birth-right, and share the good news if others aren’t sharing the good news.”

You can hear Savi’s story here.