Una Kroll

Dr Una Kroll is  a 90 year old whirlwind. She grew up in the shadow of Hitler  with a Nazi  atheist family, become a medical doctor, then a medical missionary and Anglican nun. She eloped with an American monk who was her superior, married and had four children while working fulltime in general practice. Una campaigned and ran for parliament, backing the Wolfenden Report de-criminalizing homosexuality, then Steele’s Abortion act 1967, ….she campaigned for womens’ ordination, and after husband’s Leo’s death, , moved to a Welsh convent, was ordained deacon in the Church of Wales and later ordained  by Rowan Williams [then Bishop of Monmouth] to the priesthood.  More recently Una has  become a Roman Catholic lay person to show solidarity with her Catholic sisters. 

“When my husband died and I moved to Wales, I had to become a deacon because
I couldn’t work for the Church in Wales without becoming a deacon.  I was ordained
as Priest three years after the women in England were ordained.  Eventually Rowan Williams
decided that he would ordain me in Wales; that was January 11 1997.  I was ordained in the
Welsh church, and have remained a priest ever since.:

“I don’t exercise my priesthood now because I’ve become a Roman Catholic in solidarity with Catholic women who are denied any voice in the church whatsoever and who are treated despicably. I still work with a number of women with a very strong vocation but cannot fulfill it. One of things I learned when I was not ordained was how to be a minister without any authority.  Since I became a Roman Catholic, I have loved it. I am happy where I am. I’m completely fulfilled. I don’t exercise the priesthood in any obvious visible or concrete way but I believe that I am a priest in the church of God though not in any institution.”

“And I am still a rebel!  In a very hostile place where homosexuals are still looked down on. My hopes are for LGBT people be accepted as full human beings in partnership and in marriage and in every possible way. The church’s attitude toward homosexuality is appalling, and I fight it tooth and nail!  Come the day!”

You can listen to Una’s interview here.

Una passed away on 6 January 2017.You can read herObituary from the Church Times here and from the Guardian here.