The work goes on


The Christian Voices Coming Out project has been co-ordinated by OneBodyOneFaith, a charity founded in 1976 which works for the full inclusion of LGBT people in the life of the Christian churches, and seeks to enable people to integrate their faith and sexuality in ways which are healthy, holy and life-affirming.

Whilst attitudes have changed enormously in society over the past 40 years, in some churches there is still a way to go.  Our work goes on, building on the foundations laid by the kind of people you’ll have met on the project.  We want to celebrate and give thanks for everything they’ve handed on to us – but at the same time, hearing their stories compels us to make a response, and to keep doing what we’re called to do to bring about change and transformation.

Surpassing it’s 40th year, OneBodyOneFaith is as committed as ever to making the church an inclusive place where everyone is welcome and valued, and where LGBT people’s lives, gifts and relationships are valued on equal terms with our brothers and sisters.

We’re working to enable everyone who would like to, an opportunity to be married in church; we want people to be able to enter ministry without having to agree to celibacy if they’re in a faithful and committed relationship.  And we don’t want anyone, ever, to be turned away from the church because of who they, or their parents, are.

We’d love your support.  You can find out more about becoming a member of LGCM on our website, and you can sign up to receive updates about our work, and how you can become involved.  You don’t need to be lesbian, gay, transgender, intersex or Christian to join us – you just need to share our commitment to love, justice and compassion.